Offer for the project
Hotel Alpeiner Nature Resort
The structure of the offer
  • Goals and objectives: what is all this for?
  • Plan of works: what will happen next?
  • Project team: who is responsible for what
  • The solution of the set goals: how do we plan to do it?
  • KPI: what result will the client get
  • Our clients
  • Contacts
Goals and objectives:
what is all this?

The purpose of our work
Improvement of the achieved results by 50%
July 2019 - 245 bookings
(achieved goals in GA)
July 2020 - 380 bookings
(achieved goals in GA)
Work plan:
what will happen next

Working strategy for 4 months
We plan to launch a complete promotion in May, because the current situation with coronavirus will negatively affect the efficiency of paid traffic.

We see the need of a full technical audit of Web-site with SEO-specialists. The site's position in search is influenced by technical and commercial factors. Based on the results of the first site verification by our specialists, we see growth points in conducting technical work for SEO. After conducting a full audit, we will be able to prepare technical tasks for correcting errors on the site, which will positively affect the position in SEO. We have planned this work for April.
1th month. May 2020
  1. Controlling start of advertisement
  2. Analysis of first month results
  3. UX-audit (Analysis of web-site and preparing ideas for increasing conversion rate)
  4. Solving technical issues
  5. Preparing reports
  6. Suggestions for channel optimization and development
  7. Checking Analytics :
    • To check goals in Google Analytics
    • To check report in Google Data Studio

Google Ads
  1. Preparing campaigns "Brend" for Germany and Austria
  2. Preparing campaigns with key-words with names of competitors for Germany and Austria
  3. Preparing campaign "Remarketing"
  4. Regular works:
    • Searching key-words
    • Clustering of key-words
    • Preparing relevantes message (ads)
    • Adding UTM
    • Selection of images for Display campaings
    • Controlling of launch campaigns
    • Financial monitoring
    • Bid adjustments
    • Analysis of search words and adding negative words
    • Finding new words
    • Modification of campaigns (adding new words, new ads, switch0off non-effective ads and words)
    • Creating new campaigns (adding new groups or campaigns)

  • Preparing technical specifications with results of technical analysis
  • Work with meta data
  • Work with the data markup
  • Work with canonicals
  • Regular works:
    • Once a week:
      • Checking resource indexing in Google Search Console
    • Once every 2 weeks:
      • Correcting the robots file.txt
      • Checking whether the sitemap file is up-to-date.xml, update if necessary
      • Technical analysis for 30*, 40*, 50* server response codes
      • Basic text analysis of duplicates by title, description, h1
    • Once a month:
      • Monthly project report
      • Technical analysis for unnecessary external links
How the workflow is built
We work by sprints for 1 week. At the end of each sprint we report on the completed work and plan the next sprint
We call each week to discuss the status of issues and the effectiveness of advertising
If a new task occurs during a sprint that conflicts with an already planned one, we warn you about it and decide together what to do with the priorities and deadlines
Once a month, we prepare a report with a list of completed works, achieved results, and a work plan for the next month
Every day until 11: 00, we generate a report on the effectiveness of advertising before sales . A sample report is available at the link —
We call or meet once a month to discuss the results of the month and plans for the next
Project management
We try to build a transparent process with full access for the client at every stage. To do this, we manage all project tasks in our task Manager — Planfix.

If you are interested, we can create a view for you and you will see all the project tasks that are currently in progress and that are planned for completion.

Project team

Working group
Internal Production
They are located outside of working groups and are connected to projects as tasks of their competence arise
  • Webmaster — configures the Analytics infrastructure, is responsible for preparing data for analysis by an Internet marketer, and front-end project development;
  • Marketer-editor — responsible for the organization of the project content - sets tasks for the copywriter, checks his work, participates in the development of promotions, graphic and video content, can act as a moderator of communities in social networks;
  • Copywriter — writes texts for the website, e-mail newsletters, promotions;
  • Designer — responsible for the graphic content of the project -from banner development to drawing landing pages for promotions;
  • Sales Department auditor — responsible for conversion from leads to sales for the project , organizes regular reporting on the project managers, secret buyer.

The solution of the set goals: how do we plan
to do it?

Conditions for achieving the goal
  • Availability of developer to implement technical tasks in time
  • Approving changes on the site with the Agency
    discuss deleting or changing content on the site as it may affect the result
what result will you get?

Summary table
In Forecast we relied on Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and data on occupancy received from the client.
To calculate the media plan, we used data on leads for the same period of the previous year from Google Analytics.
We are planning to start working with the region of Germany, because after analyzing the statistics, we see that this is your main region.
In the media plan, we did not calculate the turnover data, since the cost of the rooms is dynamic and the information provided to us does not include the current turnover. If you can provide statistics on bookings for a year with a turnover in euros (or provide data on the average cost of a reservation), we will add the turnover to the Forecast.

The Booking/CPA graph increases by clicking on the image
SEO. Traffic forecast
On this slide, you can see the traffic forecast for SEO. We see growth points in SEO in:
  • Solving technical errors
  • Work with meta data
  • Work with the data markup

The graph increases by clicking on the image
We think the best solution now is to set the KPI for traffic growth, because:
  • Ranking positions are not always related to traffic, because we are measuring the result on limited quantity of keywords with which people are entering our web-site. Also rankings can change from day to day. As Google say, everyday we receive 15 % of new keywords that were not used before.
  • Positions that will be shown to us by our website ranking software can not guarantee that all users will see our site at those positions, because their search results in Google can be personalized.
  • In our case, we will receive traffic from different countries, so measuring it can be a more visual and correct way.
We control the site's positions to control situation, but we see the main goal of SEO in Traffic growth.
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